Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc., based in Pennsylvania, US, had created a vaccine candidate only three hours after gaining acces to the SARS-CoV-2 DNA in January. The vaccine is called INO-4800, and the secret to its rapid synthesis lies in the concept; instead of using inactivated virus’ for the vaccine, Inovio sythesize a proteine based on the virus DNA, which the immune systems of the subject recognize as foreign and creates antibodies against it, which is supposedly creating immunity.

Plans were orginally to enter clinical trials early summer, but as the epidemic evolved faster than anticipated Inovio accelerated this schedule, and will now enter human trials in the US in april, and expects to expand this to China and South Korea shortly thereafter.  Results from the trials will be available in the fall.

Inovio expect to manufacture 1 million doses of the vaccine by years end, to be used as regulators see fit at that time.

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