In an article from the medical journal the BMJ Chinese physicians describe 62 cases of COVID-19 patients from the Zhejiang province and found that the clinical manifestation of the disease were relatively mild, in contrast to cases from the outbreak epicenter in Wuhan.

…all studied cases were infected by human to human transmission. The most common symptoms at onset of illness were fever in 48 (77%) patients, cough in 50 (81%), expectoration in 35 (56%), headache in 21 (34%), myalgia or fatigue in 32 (52%), diarrhoea in 3 (8%), and haemoptysis in 2 (3%). Only two patients (3%) developed shortness of breath on admission. The median time from exposure to onset of illness was 4 days (interquartile range 3-5 days), and from onset of symptoms to first hospital admission was 2 (1-4) days.

The authors speculates that like the MERS-CoV the severity of symptoms for SARS-CoV-2 may subside as the human-human transmission progress, and that we might see a decrease in case fatility rate the coming months.