Chart to follow new cases, recoveries and fatalities from COVID-19 in Europe

Italy sees continued exponential growth of new cases

On March 9th Italy recorded 1797 new cases and overtook South Korea for most SARS-CoV-2 infections outside China. Italy now has 152 cases per 1 million population (152 ppm) and the situations looks very grim indeed. South Korea infection rate is similar at 146 ppm, but is on a different trajectory with daily new cases […]

South Korea may have passed peak infection, Italy not so much

UPDATED WITH LATEST DATA. Over the last week or so the trend seem to have been a decline in daily new cases of COVID-19 in South Korea, which was also reinforced when data for March 9th came in at 164 new cases. Could this indicate that the containment efforts are effective? Italy is a different […]

Genetic detectives reveal the origins of the european outbreak

In a story from MIT technology review we get clues to how SARS-CoV-2 are spreading throughout the world, and how transmission chains are not always what they seem to be. By tracking random mutations in the virus’ DNA sequence, as documented in the open source effort Nextstrain, it is possible for scientists to follow the […]

Swedish authorities escalate measures to prevent epidemic outbreak

On monday authorities in Sweden revoked traffic permission for direct flights from Iran, which affects Air Iran effective immediately.  Furthermore, the public health authorities elevate the risk assessment levels for imported cases to the highest level (very high risk), and the risk for community transmission from low to moderate. Sentinel testing will also be implemented, […]

The battle for Europe has begun

As the outbreak in China seem to subside, the virus has gotten a strong foothold in Europe. As of 29 February, 1 116 cases and 23 deaths have been reported in the EU/EEA, the UK, Monaco, San Marino and Switzerland. Italy is being hit worst with 888 cases and 21 deaths. Overall, the case fatality rate […]

Number of confirmed cases of SARS-CoV-19 in Sweden jumps to 7

On thursday the number of confirmed cases of the novel corona virus SARS-CoV-19 increased to seven, and the goventment decided to activate crisis functions to be able to better manage the situation. The new cases are connected either to the patient that was confirmed yesterday, or have recently been in Italy or Iran . Thus […]

Sweden confirms second case of COVID-19

On wednesday swedish authorities confirmed second case of the novel corona virus infection in the country. A man in his 30-ies who had recently returned from northen Italy developed symptoms typical for the COVID-19 disease, including fever and respiratory illness three days after his return. He was tested positive for the SARS-CoV-19 virus and became […]